Some Updating [Times Flies Edition]

Sheesh. It’s been almost a month already since my last post. Where does the time go?

My 52nd birthday hit last October. I used to be so excited for birthdays to roll around so that I could be the center of attention for one day. Nowadays, not so much. Anyhoo … I did get some super cool presents this year … including a swank new cock ring, Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap, and a Nasty Pig Union Suit. I have ALWAYS wanted a union suit. Not pictured is the Puppy Hood, dildo, and a super comfy jockstrap. So, yeah. The birthday presents were all pretty naughty-centric. Yay!Birthday Gifts!

During the last election cycle, the race for the local aldermen and mayor seats was VERY contentious. A group of super-conservative anti-everything people were running against all the incumbents. That led to the rise of a super-liberal group on Facebook called Woke Waynesville. After the election was over and the conservative jerks had to pound sand, Woke Waynesville changed its name to IDEA of Haywood (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance). They had a logo design contest … and guess who won!
IDEA of Haywood Logo

In the run up to Christmas, a group of us finally made it to trivia at our favorite local bar (where Michelle and I often rock karaoke on Wednesdays). Our first time at trivia and we won! Pretty exciting!!! We had big plans to get back and win again but illness and tourist visas foiled those plans. Dammit.
Trivia Win
The Great British Invasion

And yeah, the holidays still make me grumpy.
Grumpy Santa

But, I did get a tasty IHOP breakfast at one point.

And, I bought too many records pre-Christmas. Here they are drying after a nice wet wash. Good Lord. That dining room table is too messy.
Cleaned Records

Anyhoo. That’s some of the fun that’s been happening. Keep it in the middle of the road, people.

Some Updating [Times Flies Edition]

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