Flashback Friday [Logo Edition]

Earlier this year, I ran across a social media post (probably on Facebook) that was talking about Kids Place (an organization that helps abused children) a few towns over. The photo attached to the post immediately caught my attention. Something on the printed brochures in the picture looked really familiar.

Kid's Place

30 years ago when I was in school for graphic design, the class would occasionally be assigned projects to design brochures, letterheads, business cards, logos, etc. for local organizations. Kids Place was one such organization. Everybody in the class was tasked with designing a 2-color logo for them. The winner would then use their logo and design up letterhead and business cards. Well, I was the winner. I designed up the requested materials and received printed samples which I then mounted on mat board to put in my portfolio. And that was the last I thought of Kids Place and the work I did for them because it was a class project.

So, imagine my surprise when I ran across the above photo and the logo on those brochures looked VERY familiar. I even checked to see if the logo was on their website and it was. Needing answers, I dug my old portfolio out of the closet and confirmed my suspicion. They ARE still using that logo I did all those years ago when I was 19 or 20 and everything had to be done by hand. This was just before computers and Aldus Pagemaker (this was before Adobe purchased the program from Aldus) made things so much easier.

My Kid's Place Logo Printed Sample

Honestly, I find this logo to be pretty cringe-worthy now. But, I guess we all think that about things we did many years ago when we were young and inexperienced. I am totally surprised (and maybe even a little flattered) that they are still using it after all these years. Crazy how some things come back at you years and years later.


Flashback Friday [Logo Edition]

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