As evidenced by the lack of daily or even weekly posts, I have NO MOTIVATION!

Though I, apparently, do have a knack for breaking the “extreme impact” glass screen protector on my iPhone. I have cracked TWO of them within 8 months. Thank goodness it came with a (limited) lifetime warranty. Free replacements are the best.

Otherwise, life is plodding along. Sleep. Treadmill. Shower. Work (on weekdays). Sit Around and stare at the TV or sit around and stare at the walls. Rinse. Repeat.

I suspect that I am dealing with some level of depression since I sit around doing nothing most of the time, and I don’t seem to have any motivation to do anything about sitting around doing nothing. I thought I had the winter blues, but the arrival of summer hasn’t really changed anything.

Oh well.

And for some weird reason, Facebook’s advertising algorithm thinks I really need to shave my back. I get this kind of ad showing up all the damn time in my news feed.


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