Alive, Barely Kicking

I sure do have them winter/pandemic blues. You could probably tell from my lack of posting. But, honestly, what is there to talk about? Life has fallen into a dull routine of cardio, work, eat, stare mindlessly at the TV, sleep, repeat. The weather has been too cold and dreary on Saturdays for any afternoon fire pitting with Shortlegs and Co. (one of my few mental health activities). So, it’s mainly getting takeout on Saturdays that breaks up some of the monotony.

February is ticking along and hopefully the temps with warm up quickly in March. JR and I have been distracting ourselves with plans for various backpacking trips in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Some sound fun. Some sound grueling. Time will tell!

Meanwhile, let the photos below break up the monotony of your day and week.

Alive, Barely Kicking

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