Ugh. With only mere weeks left, 2020 still feels tedious and never-ending. Personally, I don’t think the prospects for 2021 look any better.

The day job has been plodding along. I spent two days upgrading one of the retail sites to the newest version of the shopping cart software. Everything looked good in the off-site trail run. But, once it was live, the Guest Checkout function that was working now isn’t. Gah! So, I get to spend God knows how many more hours trying to figure out why it’s not functioning. Seriously … kill me.

I checked my checking account last night and found the sum total to be pretty dismaying … and that’s total is without the Christmas spending factored in (since that’s all on a credit card right now). My freelance work this year has been shit because the pandemic cancelled all the events and gathering I normally to work for. So, yeah. I guess the “endless spending with no extra money coming” in has finally caught up with me. And it’s my own fault. Needless to say, I am now feeling super stressed and considering a weeknight/weekend job at Walmart or some sleazy fast food joint to help get me through.

Bowser has a mole on his undercarriage that has started getting bigger over the last month or so. A trip to the vet on Monday brought about the results we expected. They want to remove and biopsy said mole. There is a chance it could be cancerous and a chance that it could not be. I am hoping for the latter as I am not sure that I can mentally deal with Bowser having cancer. He goes next Friday (the 18th) to have it removed.

Meanwhile …
David got me a complete set of Creepshow Enamel Pins from Waxworks Records for our anniversary. These are something I want to display, so I got a shadowbox frame to put them in. It works well enough, but I think the frame might be a little too small. While I was at it, I also framed the enamel pins that came with the Haunt Collector’s Edition I got a few months back. This one turned out much better. The pins all came together on one 5×7 card which I mounted on foam board and then mounted inside an 8×10 shadowbox frame. Now I just have to find some wall space on which to hang these.

I really do need to find more crafty projects to try and keep my sanity.


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