Pluggin’ Away At It

Yeesh. December has been too busy. When did I become such a social butterfly?

Friday: Shortlegs and Tom came over with pizza and we watched Midsommar.
Saturday: We went to the annual G&S Christmas Party. I got very drunk.
Sunday: We went to a WNCAP fundraiser at a bar. I didn’t get very drunk.
Monday: Ev & Em came over for egg nog and we had pizza and watched The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Here’s my spectacular holiday attire for the Christmas party. Yay, selfies.
Holiday Cheer

I might have also been photographed looking like a dough boy at the local rec center. Yeah. We are thinking about joining for fitness and stuff.
Dough Boy

And, I couldn’t resist buying this shirt. In reality, I have lots of bothers to give.
No Bothers Given T-Shirt

Pluggin’ Away At It

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