Ralph Edwin Mills (1942-2019)


My dad died this past Wednesday (9-18-19) at the age of 76 from lung cancer that had metastasized to his bones. It was a rough month for him and the family once we got the diagnosis. We bounced back and forth between the hospital and nursing home only to ultimately end up with him at home (where he wanted to be) for hospice care. From the time we found out what was really going on until he died, we only had three weeks left with him.

Honestly, what can I post here about how awesome my dad was? I know what those things are that made him so special but I don’t think I can put them down into words right now … maybe not ever.

I am trying my best to act like things are normal even though it feels like there is a hole in the universe now.

Ralph Edwin Mills (1942-2019)

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