Updated [Kill Me Edition]

David was back from Germany over the weekend and takes off today for ANOTHER trip to Germany. Must be nice to be a globe trotter.

What happened over the weekend while he was back? We went to Gatlinburg and I also stressed out about a freelance project that is not going to make it to the printer on time. Such fun!

While we were in Gatlinburg we took a stroll on the new Skybridge at the Skylift Park. It’s the longest suspension bridge in the States and has a three panel glass section in the middle. Such fun!

We also went to our favoritest place on the planet … the Mysterious Mansion!
Mysterious Mansion

So, yeah. The work week is underway and I have a stress headache from a night of bad dreams and worry about that freelance job. I gotta figure out a better (and less stressful) way to make some extra cash. I wonder if the local-ish gay bar needs a chubby, middle-aged go-go dancer?

Updated [Kill Me Edition]

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