Low Country!

So … a much needed weekend in the Low Country of South Carolina has come and gone. Charleston really is an awesome town. History, fun, food, beaches, and lots of drinks!

Downtown Charleston
Here’s the view from Philadelphia Alley (aka Dueler’s Alley).

When downtown, you really need to stop into SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) on Bay Street for a Barn Raiser. It’s easily one of the best cocktails ever. It’s made from honey, house-made honey-infused bourbon, local spicy ginger ale, bitters, and an orange twist. Pure heaven! We’ve eaten here before and the food is on point too.
The Barn Raiser at SNOB

We also partook of Zombies at Cane Rhum Bar. It supposedly the strongest drink in Charleston. They will only sell you one and it comes to the table in a cool skull glass … and it’s flaming (though you can’t really see the flame in my photo).
Zombie Drinks at Cane Rhum Bar

A walk on the beach at Isle of Palms is always a must. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy or cold on Saturday. There were lots of people out enjoying the sun and surf.
Isle of Palms

And the best thing you can do late night on Friday or Saturday (10pm to 2 am) in Charleston is get a Chicken Biscuit at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit on Upper King Street. Seriously! Go get one of these Chicken Biscuits when you are in Charleston. I love them so much went Friday AND Saturday. Yum!
Late Night at Callies Hot Little Biscuit

And, for no real reason, here’s some Red Roof Inn Plus realness.
Motel Selfie

What else happened?
– Uber rides in BMW’s and Audi’s. Swank.
– I didn’t buy any records at Monster Music. Willpower!
– Yummy brunches with David’s former cohorts.
– Drank too many Vodka Tonics at Dudley’s on Ann.

Speaking of Dudley’s on Ann. It’s apparently the non-gay gay bar. We went to the drag show on Friday night and the number of straight girls and bachelorettes was quite annoying. We ending up hanging out/chatting with one of the locals for most of the evening. We left the bar at the same time after the second drag show and parted ways on the street. I couldn’t decide if this guy was interested in something more or just being nice. Maybe he was waiting for one of us to make a move? I didn’t think he was putting out any signals … but then again, I was very drunk and (in general) am terrible at picking up on other people’s signals. It’s probably a sad commentary on gay culture that we can’t just meet a stranger in a bar and hang out without thinking there is some immediate desire on their part to hook up.

Now, it’s back to the drudgery of daily life. I mowed the yard yesterday and got some Game of Thrones Oreo’s in celebration of the Season 8 premiere.
Game of Thones Oreos!

Sadly, I have already reached my four cookie per day maximum … and it’s only 3:00 pm.  How will I ever make it through the evening?!

Low Country!

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