Random Weekend Tidbits

The big excitement over the weekend was the purchase of a new, funky sofa. The one that I have had for a little over five years has to go away. The cushions are covered in some sort of “bonded” material that is peeling off all over the place. It sucks because the sofa is still in good shape. The new sofa promises to be a bit more stylish than the current black on is.

Villa Capri Orange Leather Sofa
Yep. It’s orange!

We also went and saw How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. I love this series and the new installment is the perfect ending to the trilogy. You seriously need to see all of them if you have not.

Oh, and … Hiccup, our hero, starts sporting a beard. To this I say, “YES!”
Hiccup + Beard

Random Weekend Tidbits

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