Ugh!!! [This Week Edition]

This week has lasted forever. Is Friday ever going to get here?!

Yesterday, work on all fronts was a hot mess. Rush tasks on one end. Cleaning up someone’s utter idiocy on the other. That kind of crap makes me want to punch people!

Plus, I found out yesterday that there is potentially bad health news looming on the horizon for a family member. We’ll know more after tests next week. I have my fingers crossed for good news.

Got out and mowed this afternoon before any of the customary late afternoon summer rain/thunderstorms blow through. Thank God I spotted the yellow jackets nest as soon as I ran over it with the mower. I was able to run away in terror and avoid getting stung. There were a crap-load of bees that came out of the ground. I hate those fuckers.

At least my fun skeleton undies are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Hurricane Florence is posed to dump a bunch of rain on us Sunday/Monday. Will there 6″ or 12″+ of the wet stuff? Every time the forecasters talk, the predictions change. There’s talk of flooding and power outages. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the creek gets out of its banks. I have plenty of whiskey, rye, moonshine, and rum to get me through. Maybe I should stock up pizza as well?

And … A Brief Political Rant:
Donald J. Trump is a piece of work. From his behavior (and tweets) on the 9/11 anniversary to today’s denials of the death toll numbers in Puerto Rico. He truly is a narcissistic piece of shit. And I really think this country is dumb enough to re-elect him.

Here is my favorite meme from This Week in Trump Land.

Ugh!!! [This Week Edition]

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