Home Work

So, last year was a year of some changes … the biggest one being that I now work from home and have been for a little over a year. You read that right. And it seems to be everybody’s big dream. I have had countless people say to me, “Wow. I would love to work from home.”

Yeah. .. it is kinda nice. This past winter (if you can call it that), it was nice to not have to go out and warm up the car and scrape frost off the windshield. On those super rainy days, it’s nice to not have to get out in the mess and drive. And it also saves on gas (since I don’t have to drive to an office anymore).

Conversely, it kinda sucks too. I do miss going to an office. It was nice to have to get up go to work instead of just walking into the other room. And there’s a real “cocoon” mentality that has developed (for me anyway). My house is now pretty much my entire world for almost all of the week. I have found that on weekends, it’s far easier to laze around the house than actually get the gumption up to plan things and go out and do them.

Sounds crazy, I know. It would be interesting to know if other “home workers” have similar issues with becoming more homebody-ish.

Home Work

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