7 thoughts on “Alive and Broke!

  1. I hear you, Chas. I love that Videodrome disc, and I’m jealous of your Kiss Me Deadly disc (one of my favourite flicks and I’ve only got the bare bones edition). I’ve just pre-ordered Criterion’s upcoming Island of Lost Souls.

  2. Oh… and I’ve got their earlier edition of Les Diabolique, and I’ve got the same House DVD. Criterion are a fantastic label. Have you watched House yet???

  3. I was bad and that copy of “Videodrome” is and upgrade to Blu-ray because … I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!

    I saw “House” a few months ago and dug it. How can you not when a movie is so deliriously over the top as that.

    Looking forward to rewatching “Diabolique” as it’s been a while since I have seen it.

    Can’t wait for “Island of Lost Souls!”

  4. franke says:

    Thank you for the update! – I was getting real tired of that broken tub!

  5. Nice picks! I’m still waiting for my Barnes and Noble to arrive (it’s been about a month) but I can’t wait until I get my hands on my Criterions. I ordered House too and I regret not getting Sweet Smell of Success.

  6. I blind bought “Sweet Smell of Success” and was knocked out by it. Great movie!!! There are few title I wish I had picked up as well … but there is always the next sale! 🙂

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