ZOMG! “Macabre” on DVD!!!

Zounds! Look at what very, very out-of-print movie has finally made it DVD courtesy of the Warner Archives Collection … William Castle’s “Macabre” (1958). It’s the movie that was so scary that you got life insurance given to you when you went to see it!

The fact that this is finally available commercially makes me wet my pants!!!

ZOMG! “Macabre” on DVD!!!

2 thoughts on “ZOMG! “Macabre” on DVD!!!

  1. Ya know what drives me nuts, Chas? I can’t order these because I live in Canada. There are several archive titles I’d like to order, but I can’t. I e-mailed Warners Home Ent, and they told me it was due to licensing issues. Drag. Luckily, I have a grey market DVD-R of Castle’s Macabre. But I’d be more than happy to support the studios if they’d make it possible for me. The studios continue to shoot themselves in the foot…

  2. That’s crazy. You are in Region One … it’s not like you live in Siberia.

    Seem like you could get someone in the States to order ’em and then they could punt them on to you … just sayin’.

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