Deck Rebuilding (Prep Phase: Part II)

Deck Repair
I started taking the deck apart last night. What fun! (Pssst … that was sarcasm.)

As you can see, five braces are gonna have to be replace along with the supports underneath. There are still seven boards that need to be removed plus parts of the railing. I have to run to Lowe’s after work and pick up nails and screws. I totally forgot to do that the other night.

Tomorrow it will all go back together (hopefully). MGW should be coming by to help so that should be fun.

And here are some semi-arty burn photos …
Deck Fire
Deck Fire

Deck Rebuilding (Prep Phase: Part II)

One thought on “Deck Rebuilding (Prep Phase: Part II)

  1. Casey Kasem says:

    Hi, this is Casey Kasem counting down the top five songs of the CGM deck disaster. However, before we do that, let’s read a letter from Chas in North Carolina. He writes:

    Dear Casey,
    “I plan to spend this weekend pounding and screwing with a lot of hard wood, but I’m not nearly as enthused about this as I should be. What do you think this means?”

    Well Chas; sometimes when things like this happen, all you can do is have a beer and thank God it was not worse. Treat yourself to something fun this weekend, you deserve it. Now, on with the countdown…..

    • No 5 –“Light My Fire” by The Doors
    • No 4 – “This House Is On Fire” by AC/DC
    • No 3 – “Put Out The Fire” by Queen
    • No 2 – “Ashes To Ashes” by Faith No More
    • And coming in at No. 1………..”If I Had A Hammer” by Peter, Paul and Mary

    So until next week, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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