Well, the molding went up in the living room this past weekend. All that is left to do is fill some nail holes and do a wee bit of touch-up painting. Yes, yes, yes … I do know that I need to post photos for you “improvement” nuts to see. I’ll get there.

So, what’s up next? Funny you should ask …

Dining Room Colors
Repainting the dining room/kitchen is next on the agenda. There are a few spots that I need to put some mud on and then I will ready to rock. The trim (and probably the ceiling as well) is going to be “Oatmeal.” The walls will be “Powder Blue 4.” Oatmeal is a Ralph Lauren color and Powder Blue 4 is from the Laura Ashley Home Collection. What can I say … Christy has good taste in color.


9 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. Mom says:

    Love the combination…………will be interested in seeing how the blue works with the orange in the livingroom………..

  2. I’m not being mean I swear, BUT power blue / oatmeal is a little Martha Stewart circa 1992. Oatmeal is a little cool on context with the living room. Please consider Pear (EB14-3) and Oxford Blue (EB31-4). Yeah, its kinda Martha Stewart circa 1998, but I’m totally into Eddie Bauer colors. Then again, I get this stuff at close out prices.


  3. Shortlegs says:

    yeah, i’m not sure about those colors with the orange, it will be interesting to see!

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