Yeah. I am alive … somewhat.

I have had a freelance induced stress headache since last night … but it appears that the most stressful of projects is finally out of my hair and at the printers.

Sometimes the stress outweighs the money. So, I am going to have to think long and hard about whether to put myself through this particular project next year.

This is funny and somewhat true …

Meanwhile, here some other things that have happened.

Good Friends
I got take a night off and see Michelle while she was in town. It’s always awesome to see this truly special person.

Stranger Things 3
Binged Stranger Things 3. It was thrilling, funny, soul crushing, and oh-so 80’s. I loved it.

Hazelwood Farmacy
Went and had a burger and a milkshake at the Hazelwood Farmacy with A&A. Yeah. That burger is slathered in Pimento cheese. Yummy. And the mint chocolate chip shake was also tasty as fuck.

And caught Spider-man: Far From Home. The movies itself is fun, fun, fun. It’s just too bad that Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t get an obligatory shirtless scene like Tom Holland did. Bummer.

AND! I am not sure how I missed hearing this Pet Shop Boys/Jean-Michel Jarre collaboration from three years ago. I guess that means I am not as good a PSB fan as I thought I was.


Monday Blah’s

So, we finished up Stardust yesterday at the theater. We had sold out houses all weekend and it’s nice to know people seemed to really like the show. Though I can’t say I will miss it too much as I am super ready to get my weekend nights back.

Meanwhile, the freelance gig is taking a few years off my life. I had a stress headache all day on Friday and into Saturday. Ugh.

The weekend went by too fast and now the work week is underway. Let’s see if we survive it.

Monday Blah’s

Updated [Kill Me Edition]

David was back from Germany over the weekend and takes off today for ANOTHER trip to Germany. Must be nice to be a globe trotter.

What happened over the weekend while he was back? We went to Gatlinburg and I also stressed out about a freelance project that is not going to make it to the printer on time. Such fun!

While we were in Gatlinburg we took a stroll on the new Skybridge at the Skylift Park. It’s the longest suspension bridge in the States and has a three panel glass section in the middle. Such fun!

We also went to our favoritest place on the planet … the Mysterious Mansion!
Mysterious Mansion

So, yeah. The work week is underway and I have a stress headache from a night of bad dreams and worry about that freelance job. I gotta figure out a better (and less stressful) way to make some extra cash. I wonder if the local-ish gay bar needs a chubby, middle-aged go-go dancer?

Updated [Kill Me Edition]

Blah, Blah, Blah

So, I found out Friday morning that I didn’t get cast in the show I auditioned for last Monday. It’s a little disappointing but ultimately works out for the best because it means I don’t have to go to a rehearsal tonight (or tomorrow or Wednesday) after seven days of doing a show locally. Plus, it means I can plan a trip to see Dr. Phibes and Co. in July. Yay!

We opened Stardust this past weekend. All singing! All dancing!

Top Hat and Cane = Me Singing About Mules, Pigs, Fish, and Stars.

I wish our fans where blue instead of pink to match our accessories (and the ladies). Don’t those sock garters look SEXY?

This is a cool photo of us singing a medley that has harmonies I still don’t know very well.

On Saturday, I treated myself with a trip to the record store where I found a copy of The Heart ThrobsCleopatra Grip on vinyl. It’s a Czech pressing which I find interesting. How did a vinyl pressing of a 1990 record from England released in an Eastern Bloc country make it to the mountains of WNC nearly 30 years later?! Regardless, I am stoked as I love this album. It was a mainstay in my post high school soundtrack.
The Heart Throbs’ Cleopatra Grip

I also made Jell-O shots on Saturday. These are made with Grape Jell-O and Sugarland‘s Peanut Butter and Jelly Moonshine. Time to throw a faux frat house party!
Jell-O Shots!

And … this is the best thing that happened all weekend. Breakfast at Clyde’s!

Blah, Blah, Blah

What’s Going On

Even though the boyfriend has been out of town for a week now, things here have been quite busy.

Even though it was a rainy weekend, I managed to be social with five friends over the three days. I did get a mega nap in on Saturday afternoon. I need more mega naps.

I got sucked into doing a show for a friend and we are currently in tech week for that. So, only two more rehearsals and we open. It’s a 1940’s nightclub show. So, there is no plot. It’s just the cast singing different songs. I have a solo (complete with top hat and cane) and sing on three other group numbers. Backstage has been a bit crazy this week with 22 people sharing one dressing room. Calgon, take me away!

You might be able to find me …
Stardust at HART Theatre

Meanwhile, I auditioned Monday at ACT for their production of David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole. At this point, I am not thinking I am going to get cast (which is fine) and am currently awaiting my rejection letter so I can get some things planned for July.

What’s Going On

Vinyl Candy [Silence Edition]

Check out this upcoming new vinyl release of The Silence of the Lambs – Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP from Mondo! It’s snazzy … and also pre-ordered.

This expanded edition is produced by Neil S. Bulk, supervised by Howard Shore himself, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the original two-track stereo session tapes, courtesy of MGM. Featuring original artwork by Rich Kelly, liner notes by Tim Greiving comprised of all new interviews with composer Howard Shore and star Jodie Foster. Housed in a gold foil stamped gatefold jacket and pressed on 2x 180 Gram Moth Colored Vinyl (Yellow and Black Swirl with White Splatter). Also available on 2x 180 Gram Black Vinyl.

Vinyl Candy [Silence Edition]

Things and Stuff

Here are some things that happened this past weekend.

We saw Brightburn. I really liked it … and it’s surprisingly gore-filled. YES!

Dollywood Splash Country
We went to Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park with some friends. It was a fun day even though some of the lines were ridiculously long and the lazy river was way more stressful than the title “lazy river” implies. I went all day with my shirt off in public which should be marked as some sort of accomplishment.

BTW … That’s a promo photo. None of us are that young and pretty.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
We saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It was okay. They took all the (unfounded) complaints about Godzilla (2014) and course corrected into a movie that is pretty much wall-to-wall CGI destruction. Fun to watch but there is not much else going on here.

I bought a new mower.

And … people really piss me off. Like, I have a headache right now I am so annoyed with people. I can’t figure out if I am being unreasonable or if being less tolerant of perceived bullshit is just what happens when you get older.

Things and Stuff