Everything is Alright!

And … I am stupid excited to have landed a copy of the Blood on Black Wax (RSD Edition) with limited edition “Blood Red” Prom Night 7″ Single! I am bit Prom Night obsessed as it’s one of my favorites from the golden age of the slasher movie. I mean … c’mon. How can you not love a horror movie that has a Jamie Lee Curtis led disco dance sequence right in the middle of it?! I might have bought two copies of this because I am that obsessed. There’s one to open and play and one to keep sealed. Woot!

Blood on Black Wax with RSD 2019 with Limited Edition Prom Night 7"
Blood on Black Wax with RSD 2019 with Limited Edition Prom Night 7"

Oh yeah! It’s prom night and everything is alright.

Everything is Alright!

Low Country!

So … a much needed weekend in the Low Country of South Carolina has come and gone. Charleston really is an awesome town. History, fun, food, beaches, and lots of drinks!

Downtown Charleston
Here’s the view from Philadelphia Alley (aka Dueler’s Alley).

When downtown, you really need to stop into SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) on Bay Street for a Barn Raiser. It’s easily one of the best cocktails ever. It’s made from honey, house-made honey-infused bourbon, local spicy ginger ale, bitters, and an orange twist. Pure heaven! We’ve eaten here before and the food is on point too.
The Barn Raiser at SNOB

We also partook of Zombies at Cane Rhum Bar. It supposedly the strongest drink in Charleston. They will only sell you one and it comes to the table in a cool skull glass … and it’s flaming (though you can’t really see the flame in my photo).
Zombie Drinks at Cane Rhum Bar

A walk on the beach at Isle of Palms is always a must. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy or cold on Saturday. There were lots of people out enjoying the sun and surf.
Isle of Palms

And the best thing you can do late night on Friday or Saturday (10pm to 2 am) in Charleston is get a Chicken Biscuit at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit on Upper King Street. Seriously! Go get one of these Chicken Biscuits when you are in Charleston. I love them so much went Friday AND Saturday. Yum!
Late Night at Callies Hot Little Biscuit

And, for no real reason, here’s some Red Roof Inn Plus realness.
Motel Selfie

What else happened?
– Uber rides in BMW’s and Audi’s. Swank.
– I didn’t buy any records at Monster Music. Willpower!
– Yummy brunches with David’s former cohorts.
– Drank too many Vodka Tonics at Dudley’s on Ann.

Speaking of Dudley’s on Ann. It’s apparently the non-gay gay bar. We went to the drag show on Friday night and the number of straight girls and bachelorettes was quite annoying. We ending up hanging out/chatting with one of the locals for most of the evening. We left the bar at the same time after the second drag show and parted ways on the street. I couldn’t decide if this guy was interested in something more or just being nice. Maybe he was waiting for one of us to make a move? I didn’t think he was putting out any signals … but then again, I was very drunk and (in general) am terrible at picking up on other people’s signals. It’s probably a sad commentary on gay culture that we can’t just meet a stranger in a bar and hang out without thinking there is some immediate desire on their part to hook up.

Now, it’s back to the drudgery of daily life. I mowed the yard yesterday and got some Game of Thrones Oreo’s in celebration of the Season 8 premiere.
Game of Thones Oreos!

Sadly, I have already reached my four cookie per day maximum … and it’s only 3:00 pm.  How will I ever make it through the evening?!

Low Country!

Die Aktualisierung

So, yeah. This week. Too busy and not a great mental health week. Oh, well.

The weekend was pretty busy as well.

I bought a new string trimmer and spent all day Saturday mowing, trimming and cleaning up the yard. Yay, Spring is finally here. I also watched a crappy found footage horror movie (The Frankenstein Theory). I might have fallen asleep during it.

Sunday, Short Legs and I went and drank (and kiki-ed) at Noble Cider. We love this place!

Flights are a great way to sample their small batch ciders.
Flights at Noble Cider

Blue Bard (their seasonal blueberry cider) is the bomb!
Blue Bard Cider from Noble

Monday, several of us went and saw the new movie version of Pet Sematary. It does a better job of capturing the dark tone of the novel, but the the whole thing falls completely apart in the third act. Skip it. I don’t think there is ever going to be an adaptation that will do the novel justice. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Pet Sematary (2019)

Meanwhile, rampant consumerism is in effect (as always).

Here is the new Pet Shop Boys live album, Inner Sanctum. It’s two CD’s, one Blu-ray, and one DVD of synth pop goodness.
Pet Shop Boys Inner Sanctum

I went a little crazy on the Vinegar Syndrome website last Monday and bought five Blu-rays containing 21 movies full of 70’s/80′ sleaze, exploitation, and horror. Woot! Woot!
5 Films 5 Years Volume 1-4 and Fleshpot on 42nd Street

I told you I had jock straps on the brain a week and half ago. Well, new fashion jocks from PUMP were bought and have arrived.
Fashion Jocks by PUMP

And, I couldn’t resist ordering this shirt! Hopefully I won’t be too fat to wear it by the time it gets here.
Ripley by Jay Hai

A visit to Charleston is imminent. It’s been too long.

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Die Aktualisierung

Too Busy

The weekend and today have been too busy.

Meanwhile, I have have become super obsessed with this song.

Too Busy

Some Theater History [Updated]

Yesterday, someone hit up the “Some Theater History” post from way back in 2010. That got me thinking that I needed to update that list since there were now eight years worth of shows that needed to be added. New stuff is in italics and I have added years to many of the acting and tech credits as well.

This is probably boring as shit to most people, but at least it’ll be good to help me remember this stuff when I am old and demented. Hell … the way my memory is now, there are probably a few missing entries already.

Rumors: A Farce (1999)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2001)
Rope (2003)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Baber of Fleet Street (2004)
Closer (2005)
Little Shop of Horrors (2005)
The Full Monty: The Musical (2006)
Cabaret (2007)
Floyd Collins (2008)
Rabbit Hole (2009)
Seussical (2010)
– Deathtrap (2011)
– The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2011)
– The Pillowman (2012)
– The Light in the Piazza (2012)

– Avenue Q (2013)
– Other Desert Cities (2014)
– Urinetown: The Musical (2014)
– Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (2016)

Camelot (Ensemble), 1989
Witness for the Prosecution (Carter), 1990
Annie (Ensemble), 1992
A Christmas Carol (Ensemble), 1992
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Bazzard), 1993
Only Human (Pete Garrett), 1993
Charley’s Aunt (Charley Wykeham), 1993
Oklahoma! (Ensemble), 1993
The Rainmaker (Sheriff Thomas), 1994
Annie Get Your Gun (Charlie Davenport), 1994
Diamond Studs (Robert Ford/Ensemble), 1995
The Secret Garden (Ensemble), 1995
Lettice and Loveage (Surly Man), 1996
Carousel (Ensemble), 1996
Into the Woods (Jack), 1997
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Brother), 1997
Treasure Island (Ensemble), 1998
The Diviners (C.C. Showers), 1998
Lend Me A Tenor (Bellhop), 1998
South Pacific (Ensemble), 1998
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), 1998
The Elephant Man (Ensemble), 1999
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Ensemble), 1999
The Complete History of America (Abridged), 1999
A Little Night Music (Henrick), 1999
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown), 2000
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Logan), 2000
Children of Eden (Ensemble), 2000
The Three Musketeers (Ensemble), 2001
Titanic: The Musical (J. Bruce Ismay), 2001
The Fantasticks (Bellomy), 2002
Cryano (Ragueneau), 2002
Guys & Dolls (Benny Southstreet), 2002
Parade (Leo Frank), 2002
Social Security (David Kahn), 2003
Oh Coward! (Ensemble), 2003
Wit (Jason Posner, M.D.), 2003
Coyote on a Fence (Bobby Reyburn), 2004
From the HART (Ensemble), 2004
Antigone in New York (Policeman), 2005
Glengarry Glen Ross (Williamson), 2005
Ragtime: The Musical (Ensemble), 2005
Orpheus Descending (Dog), 2006
Art (Yvan), 2007
Showstoppers (Ensemble), 2007
Minor Demons (Deke Winters), 2008
Bat Boy: The Musical (Dr. Parker), 2008
HONK! (Drake), 2009
The Producers (Roger Debris), 2009
Early One Evening at the Bar & Grille (Shep), 2010
The Little Foxes (Horace Giddens), 2010
– Death and the Maiden (Gerardo), 2015
– Company (Alan), 2015
– The Fox on the Fairway (Richard “Dickie” Bell), 2015
– 12 Angry Men (Juror #4), 2016

– Into the Woods (The Baker), 2016
– God of Carnage (Alan Raleigh), 2017

– Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Gordon), 2019

Foxfire (Sound Operator), 1992
Brighton Beach Memoirs (Lighting Operator), 1993
The Diary of Anne Frank (Stage Manager), 1993
Ordinary People (Stage Manager), 1994
The Crucible (Stage Manager), 1994
Steel Magnolias (Sound Operator), 1995
A Streetcar Named Desire (Sound Operator), 1995
Ragtime (Lighting Operator), 1996
The Gin Game (Sound Operator), 1996
Raney (Tech Director), 1997
The Sisters Rosensweig (Lighting Operator), 1997
Lone Star/Laundry and Bourbon (Stage Manager), 1998
Hedda Gabler (Lighting Operator), 1998
An Inspector Calls (Lighting Operator), 1998
The Sound of Music (Lighting Operator), 2000
The Women (Lighting Operator), 2000
Painting Churches (Lighting Operator), 2002
Working (Mulitmedia Operator), 2004
Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Stage Crew), 2004
The Vagina Monologues (Lighting Designer), 2006
Grace & Glorie (Stage Manager, et al), 2006
Walking Across Egypt (Lighting Operator), 2009
Falsettoland (Lighting Operator), 2013
– Love, Loss and What I Wore (Lighting Designer & Operator), 2016
Picnic (Lighting Operator)
Blithe Spirit (Stage Manager)

Some Theater History [Updated]

Bad Design [Batman Edition]

The original four Batman movies are coming to the 4K UHD format. Exciting!

And, the art for the covers? Terrible!

It looks like the design decisions were turned over to a 19-year-old intern that didn’t give a shit. Ugh. C’mon, guys. There are plenty of talented graphics designers out there that would love to take a crack at something like this … and would do a much better job.

Bad Design [Batman Edition]

Ups and Downs

Things are rolling along. Got the ups and got the downs.

Saturday, JR and I got to trek through the woods on the Lakeshore Trail to Forney Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was an absolutely spectacular day. Sunny and 70° temperatures. Maybe Spring really is almost here.

You start at the end of the Road to Nowhere and walk through an abandoned tunnel.
The Road to Nowhere

Past the tunnel, the pavement ends and you properly trek through the woods.
Lakeshore Trail

It’s three miles to where Forney Creek empties into Lake Fontana. They have the lake drawn down, so we were able to get out from under the treeline and enjoy the sun.
Forney Creek & Lake Fontana

A guy was on the other side of Forney Creek looking kind of lost. He forded the creek and it ended up being a guy we had passed earlier. He was out with five boys and they had taken a wrong turn and ended up on the far side of the creek from where they wanted to be. I tried my best to tell him to go back of the trail and get back on the official route.
Helping a Misdirected Hiker

He forded the creek again and he and the boys disappeared. They reappeared in about 15 minutes because some nice boaters decided to just shuttle them across to our side. I guess he decided not to backtrack (the smart thing to do) like I suggested.

After lunch, JR took a nap while I watched frogs jumping around in a marshy area caused by the drawdown of the lake. It really was an awesome day!

I took a selfie on the trail and suspect that I am too beardy. At the very least it needs shaping … and maybe some Just for Men. Damn, damn. I am getting grey.

Sunday, I met up with Mary (who used to costume for the theater) and we had lunch and beer at Bearwaters. I hadn’t seen Mary in a long time and we spent four hours catching up. I need to be better about keeping up with people. It would have been nice if we could have sat outside at the brewery but a 70° Saturday gave way to a 45° Sunday. Grrrrrrr.

Then yesterday. My Dad’s dog, Mia, very unexpectedly had to be put down. I got asked to come up and bury her and it was a pretty traumatic experience … more traumatic than I though it would be. So, last night I was really down … thinking about poor Mia in the cold, dark ground. 11 years is too short a time for her to have been around. RIP, Mia.

Mia and me back in 2010.

Now the work week is well underway and I am just struggling … just working and waiting for Friday afternoon to get here.

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Ups and Downs

Updating [Jock Edition]

This week has been a bit busy and annoying. Freelance work is poppin’ because Spring is upon us. There’s lots of stuff to do for the opening of the 2019 season at the theater on top of having to totally redo the artwork for one of the shows. Plus the souvenir book I do for an annual pool tournament fundraiser is also working. Keeps me out of trouble, right?

Meanwhile, my brain has been stuck thinking about jock straps all damn day.

Jock Straps!

Jock Straps!

Go buy yourself a jockstrap!

Updating [Jock Edition]

Pulled the Trigger

Oh, yes! After not being able to find it locally-ish (ie Charlotte and Toronto) in any Lego store, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered myself the James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 Lego Creator Expert set. This thing looks so cool and has all the Bond gadgets you could want … a working ejector seat, revolving number plates, rear-window bulletproof screen, front wing machine guns, and wheel-mounted tyre scythes.

The tracking says it should be here tomorrow. Squee!

Am I a big kid? Most definitely!
James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 | Lego Creator Expert
James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 | Lego Creator Expert

Pulled the Trigger

Out With the Old …

A week and half ago, I got rid of the old sofa. It was only five years old and the material was pulling off of all the cushion covers (except for the pristine one which I had paid $60 to replace about a year ago). Very annoying! I had been hoping to keep this sofa for a long time.

Old Sofa

The new sofa arrived yesterday … and it is awesome. It’s a lot more stylish than the last one (and orange, too!). For some reason, it makes me feel so much more like an adult. Maybe that’s because most of my furniture is a bit ratty and bachelor pad-ish?

New Sofa

Out With the Old …