I really need to get off my ass and do some maintenance to the site. The first couple of years of this blog were on Blogger and they didn’t have headlines for posts. When I switched over to WordPress, headlines were required. So, when you search the archives, the headlines are the link to see the whole post … which means an archive search that brings up content that was created on Blogger won’t let you click through and get the whole post.

Will it be weird to go back fifteen years and start adding headlines? The way I was posting during the blogger days doesn’t really lend itself to having headlines on every post. Then maybe I should just add headlines to select posts?

Maybe I should just say “Fuck it!” and let readers see those posts via the month/year search feature?

Maybe I will just have a snowy day cocktail instead and worry about it later. That sounds like a best plan.

What a dumbass I am. For posts that don’t have a headline you can click the date to access the full post. Going to have that cocktail anyway!


2 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. I know what you mean. Since I retired I’ve been going back and trying to fix things that got messed up from Blogger to WordPress SO many years ago. I’ve been blogging since 2003…a lot of years to fix. Keep at it!

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